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Pop-Up Blockers


What are Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-Up Blockers is a function within a Web Browser that stops pop-up browser windows from popping up. Some web sites use pop-up windows to show adverts and other information.

The pop-up blocker settings are within your Web Browser and are not something that ASC LeadER has set or can change.


Can Pop-Up Blockers be turned off?

Pop-up Blockers can be:

  • Turned off altogether.  This means that the pop-up blocking function does not operate and all pop-up windows can pop-up.
  • Turned off for a particular web site.  This means that only pop-ups from a particular web site can pop-up.  This is often referred to as Allowing Pop-Ups for a Web site.

It is recommended that Pop-Up Blockers are turned off for ASC LeadER (www.ascleader.co.uk) rather than altogether.  This means only pop-up browser windows for ASC LeadER will be allowed. 


How to allow Pop-Up Web Browser Windows for ASC LeadER

The way you allow pop-up web browser windows for ASC LeadER depends on the Web Browser you are using.  The following links provide information on the most common browsers:



Last modified: Monday, 14 June 2021, 5:05 PM