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    Courses and Events

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      Calendars eBooking Directory
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      The Calendars provide full details of what is coming up. 

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        Calendars of Courses and Events

        Find out what's on using the following Calendars of Courses and Events for Care Sector Providers and Direct Payment Carers in the East Riding.  


        2024-2025 Dates    


        Please note:

        • Courses and events are for those employed by Adult Care Sector Providers or Direct Payment Carers in the East Riding ONLY.
        • Not all courses and events are available to Direct Payment Carers, those available are highlighted in the Calendars.  Direct Payment Carers should discuss their learning needs with their employer in the first instance and agree what is needed and where this can be accessed from.  A charge may be applied to access courses and events.
        • Those working in Adult Social Services in the Council should refer to the iTrent Self-Service or their Learning and Development Champion for details of courses and events available to them.

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          eBooking Process

          We operate an eBooking process to request and book a place on a course or event advertised in the Calendars.  A separate eBooking should be used for each Course / Event and each learner.  You do not need an ASC LeadER Account or be logged in to make an eBooking.

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            Virtual Classroom Learning - what you need to know before the course or event

            Courses and events will be delivered in either a Physical or Virtual Classroom.  Virtual Classroom learning utilises digital and video conferencing technology to allow learners to listen and interact with the trainer and others whilst in different physical locations.

            Please ensure that learner are aware of the guidance provided in the Virtual Classroom Learning document.  Learners will need access to a PC, laptop or tablet, a web cam and microphone.   Please do not use a mobile phone as the screen is too small and some some videos that we use do not work, which prevents the learner completing the learning.

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              Learning and Practice Development Directory

              The Learning and Practice Development Directory provides information about what is currently, or will be available.

              Please note, this is an early release of the Directory and it will be under regular review and update.  Details of some learning opportunities, particularly eLearning are not reflected in the Directory at the present but will be added as soon as possible.

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              Learning and Practice Development for Direct Payment Carers and Employers

              The Guide below has been developed to provide details of the learning and practice development provision available for Direct Payment Carers and Employers