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The ASC LeadER is managed and maintained by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Learning and Development (Social Care)



Introducing Our Events

In 2019, we brought together the learning services for both the Council's adult social care workers and those working in the Independent Care Sector under a single umbrella through the Learning and Development (Social Care) Team.  The majority of events are available for both Council and Independent Care Sector workers, but some are restricted to one or the other.  This is because the particular event may have a specific focus that is relevant to one more than the other.  Therefore, events will be highlighted as available to:

  • APS and ICS - accessed by all adult social care workers in the East Riding.
  • APS - accessed by Council Adult Provider Services workers.
  • ICS - accessed by Independent Care Sector workers in the East Riding.


Independent Care Sector Providers that are not based in the East Riding, but provide services to an East Riding resident / service user as a commissioned service can access our services.


Our Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Please review our Calendar of Events for information on what we have to offer.  You will also find further details on the activities, courses and events in the Learning and Development Index.  These items are available electronically on this page and will appear either at the top of the screen or the bottom, depend on the device you are using to access this page.

Please note:

  • The Calendar of Events is updated on a regular basis, but does not guarantee that a place is available on a particular date or location until a booking request has been processed.
  • All bookings must be made using the approved booking process - as noted below.
  • A confirmed place on an event is only given once the Training Coordination Team (or iTrent) has processed a booking request and provided a booking confirmation / notification.


Our Booking Process

 Application to attend a learning event

The booking process to follow depends on if the learner is employed by the Council or the Independent Care Sector.  We mainly operate an electronic booking process, but occasionally booking may be made through telephone or email.  If this is the case, instructions will be provided on the Calendar of events.

The details below outline the process that should be applied:


Independent Care Sector

We operate an online booking request process, which enables you to provide the learner's details and the course / event they wish to attend.  We use this information to check availability and book a place for the learner, which will will confirm in an email.  You can access the Application to attend a learning event form here.  If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.


East Riding Adult Provider Services

Colleagues employed by East Riding Adult Provider Services must continue to book places on event using iTrent Self-Service, unless stated otherwise.  Therefore, please discuss with your manager and / or your Learning and Development Champion and they will be able to help you.  East Riding Adult Provider Services must not use the Application to attend a learning event form provided for the Independent Care Sector and may cause delays in processing your request.


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